Meet our competitors

We'll help you choose the right solution, even if it isn't Crowded.

We know each situation is different, and we'd rather recommend a competitor that’s a better fit for your organization than try to hard sell you on Crowded.

If you're in the market for an enterprise-ready, customizable community platform with an intuitive user interface, and want the flexibility to mix and match over 20 modules to create your ideal community, then Crowded might be the solution for you.

Crowded communities are bespoke solutions tailored to your needs with a rich set of features to ensure maximum engagement with your members. However, we might not be the right match, so here are a few alternatives you may want to consider.

🤑 Looking for cheaper options.

Crowded provides a fully hosted, customizable, and modular community platform for your organization. Our platform is intentionally designed to support the active development of your community—whether that's via hands-on community coaching or the development of custom modules. If you're looking for a more affordable, plug and play option, check out these alternatives: Mighty Networks, Tribe.

đź—„ Looking for a membership management solution.

Our philosophy has always been to provide open, collaborative spaces for meaningful discussions and content sharing, which is why we never built gated content into our platform. Crowded's Private Groups module allows you to provide an invite-only area in the community for paying members. You can also use Single Sign-On to have complete control over who can access your community. If you're looking for an integrated membership management solution with the ability to manage contact databases and automated billing, check out Mobilize

🎟 Looking for event management and ticketing.

Crowded's Events module allows you to list all upcoming events in your community in a similar way to Facebook—where members can RSVP, read more about the event, and buy tickets on an external page. Crowded also integrates with Eventbrite, allowing members to buy tickets directly in the platform. If you're looking for a more integrated event management platform with ticketing and online payments, consider Hivebrite, Bevy.

🎤 Running surveys.

Crowded seamlessly integrates with the best in-class third-party survey tools, including SurveyGizmo, SurveyMoney, and Typeform. This allows you to host surveys—be it post-event surveys or product feedback forms—directly in your community site. If you'd prefer to have in-built survey features and access to the responses in one platform, check out Zoho Connect, Lithium.

🥇 Engaging members via gamification.

Crowded provides a number of gamification features to promote valuable content and manually award community members for their activity and expertise (Badges). Our Challenges module allows you to incentivize participation by running contests to encourage engagement and crowdsource ideas from members. If you're looking for a platform that automatically awards points for participation and has a ranking system, check out these alternatives: CMNTY, Vanilla Forums.

📱 Providing a mobile app.

Crowded is a responsive web application which can be loaded on any device connected to the internet, and will automatically scale the interface to match your screen size. This means Crowded communities are completely responsive and really easy to use—whether you're on your phone or behind your laptop. It also means that you don't have to beg your members to download an app, and your community platform will always be up-to-date with the latest features. But if you really want a mobile app, consider Zoho Connect, Forumbee.

Good luck!